Welcome To This Blog!

Welcome to the blog of Disabled Entrepreneur/Encourager/Motivator.

Happy New Year, first off. This is a brand-new year and I hope you will have a blessed, amazing 2017 ahead of you.

I have started this blog for two reasons; for people to get to know as a person and a business owner/leader. I am in the Network Marketing field, where I have been almost seven years and I absolute love it.  I have met some amazing people in the field and I believe there is no other field like it. Where can you work whenever you want it and not be penalized. I am also able to build my whole business from my desktop without leaving my house if I do not want to.

I am a kind, sociable, and giving leader.  I try and develop personal bonds with the people that are a part of my team and the people that are not a part of my team. I am not the one that like conflict so I try to afford it as much as possible. I rather sit down and come with solution that works for everybody and makes everybody happy. I make sure everybody on my team is comfortable and not scared to step out their comfort zone. I help succeed and grow the strengths they have.

I grew up in the Tarheel state of North Carolina and the tobacco city of Winston-Salem. I have lived here all 36 years of my life. I am hoping that one day I may live somewhere else to explore a different state and city. I love to read, watch TV, chat, and spend time with my friends and family.

I have a passion for helping people whether if it is finding their purpose or helping them start their own business. My passion came from watching my grandmother help people when she could. I do not have any children and I am not married.

I have cerebral palsy, but that does not stop me for going after the goals I have set for myself. Just because you have a disability does not mean you stop living life. I have a goal to reach the highest paid role in my company and I know I can achieve it.

I have started this blog to show people especially people who are disabled that they should not let their disability stop them from living life. If you can think it, then anything is possible. Many people that lives with disabilities feel that they are not capable of doing what regular people do. I am here to show that is not the case and you can do anything if you push yourself to do especially owning your own business.

I hope this blog will help someone step out on faith and start their own business whether they are disabled or not. Anyone can start their own business especially in Network Marketing if they have FAITH and PATIENT. I will also talk about how Network Marketing can help change your life and finances.

I hope and pray that you will find my blog helpful and informative.

Enjoy the first day of 2017!



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