Are You Going To Be An Edwin C. Barnes?

Happy Day! I hope everybody is doing well. Today is the second day of 2017, and we are going to start the year off with talking about a book that I think everyone has read this book. The book is called Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. The content of this book can help anyone succeed in any line of, whether you are a business owner or work a job/career.

The book has thirteen steps listed so you can learn how to think and grow rich. We will discuss all the thirteen steps in the days to come.

In the first chapter of the book, Mr. Hill introduce us to a man who thought his way into partnership with Thomas A. Edison. This man did not know Thomas A. Edison before meeting him. This man’s name was Edwin C. Barnes.

Mr.  Barnes had a burning desire to work with the Infamous Thomas A. Edison, but since he didn’t know Mr. Edison personally at the time; it was just a desire that later become a reality and you will see how soon. Mr. Barnes has the desire that was definite; he knew he wanted to be a personal assistant to Mr. Edison and he was not going to stop until his desire become a reality.

Mr. Barnes was determined to make his desire a reality. Because this desire was not just an ordinary desire, he decided to travel to Orange, New Jersey on “blind baggage.” “Blind baggage” meaning Mr. Barnes went to his destination on a freight train so that he could be able to make his desire a reality. What extreme will you go to make your burning desire a reality? Many people have desires but will not go the extra mile to make it a reality.

Even though, Barnes didn’t get to work side by side with Mr. Edison just yet; he did get to work the offices of Edison. The work that Barnes did in the Edison offices was more important to him than Edison because he was building and displaying his skills that will help him make PARTNER. If people focus on the unimportant things first, then they will be made part of the important things. But we live in a world where people focus on important first and leave the unimportant to work up themselves.

Barnes’ mind was intensifying his desire to work as Edison’s business associate. When somebody is truly ready for something to happen, it will appear. We cannot receive anything until it time for us to have it. We should be like Barnes was, determined to remain ready until he got what he was seeking. Many people give up on their desire because it takes too long to accomplish it and at the moment they give up, they are a finger length away from having their desire a reality.

Our opportunities will come in different forms than what we expect. For Barnes, his opportunity came in a sign of being a sales person for Edison Dictating Machine/Ediphone. No one at the time was interested in selling the Ediphone than Mr. Edison and Mr. Barnes. Mr. Barnes suggested to Edison to allow him to try and sell the Ediphone. Mr. Edison gave Mr. Barnes a chance and Mr. Barnes became number one with Mr. Edison. Barnes and Edison became partners years after Barnes started working for Mr. Edison.

If Mr. Barnes has been like most of us who gives up when things do not come on our time, he would have never made partner with Edison.  Many of us have things waiting on us to receive them but because we give so quickly we will never receive them.

Edwin C. Barnes at the start had nothing to start with except for the capacity of knowing what he wanted and the strong determination to stand by his desire until he realized it. Nothing stopped Mr. Barnes from making his desire a reality, so nothing should stop you from making your desire a reality.

Keep going hard until your desire becomes a REALITY!



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