Plan Before You Take Off

Planning is the process of making plans for something; organization, arrangement, design. Organized planning which is the crystallization of desire into action. All things that man creates or acquires begins in the form of desire. Desire is taken on the first lap of its journey, from abstract to the concrete which works into imagination’s workshop where plans for its transition are created and organized.

In the blog post on January 2, we talked about six steps to translate the desire for money into its monetary equivalent. The formation of a definite, practical plan or plans through which this transformation may be made. You can build your plans by doing four things:

  1. Visually yourself with a group of people that you may need for the creation, and to help carry out your plan or plans for accumulation of money-making use of the “Master Mind” principle.
  2. Before forming your “Master Mind” alliance, decide what advantages, and benefits you may offer the individual embers of your group in return for their cooperation.
  3. Arrange to meet with the members of your “Master Mind” group at least twice a week or more often if possible, until you have jointly perfected the necessary plan, or plans for the accumulation of money.
  4. Maintain perfect harmony between yourself and every member of Master Mind group. Fail to maintain perfect harmony, expect to meet with failure.

Every plan you adopt to accumulate wealth should be the joint creation of yourself and every member of your Master Mind group.


When you begin to select members for your Master Mind group, endeavor to select those who do not take defeat seriously. Desire can be transmuted into its monetary equivalent, the agency through which money is made. Money is nothing but inert matter; it cannot move, think, or talk, but it can hear when a human desire it, and calls it to come.

There are two types of people in this world: Leaders and Followers. It’s nothing wrong with being a follower; you just do not get any credit. Many leaders start as followers and then they grow into leaders. Many great leaders were intelligent followers. The person who can follow efficiently, usually become the person who develop into leadership fast. There are eleven important factors of leadership:

  1. Unwavering Courage
  2. Self-Control
  3. A Keen Sense of Justice
  4. Definiteness of Decision
  5. Definiteness of Plan
  6. The Habit of Doing More Than Paid For
  7. A Pleasing Personality
  8. Sympathy and Understanding
  9. Mastery of Detail
  10. Willingness to Assume Full Responsibility
  11. Cooperation

The 10 Major Causes of Failure in Leadership:

  1. Inability to Organize Details
  2. Unwillingness to Render Humble Service
  3. Expectation of Pay for What They Know Instead of What They Do with That Which They Know
  4. Fear of Competition from Followers
  5. Lack of Imagination
  6. Selfishness
  7. Intemperance
  8. Disloyalty
  9. Emphasis of the Authority of Leadership
  10. Emphasis of Title

The causes are more common than anything when it comes leadership, simply because most people do not follow the right people that teaches them how to be a leader. Besides leadership failure, most people are suffering from personal failure. There are 15 reasons that could possibly be holding you back for success:

  1. Unfavorable Hereditary Background
  2. Lack of a Well-Defined Purpose in Life
  3. Lack of Ambition to Aim Above Mediocrity
  4. Insufficient Education
  5. Lack of Self-Discipline
  6. Ill Health
  7. Unfavorable Environmental Influences During Childhood
  8. Procrastination
  9. Lack of Persistence
  10. Negative Personality
  11. Lack of Controlled Sexual Urge
  12. Uncontrolled Desire for “Something for Nothing”
  13. Lack of a Well-Defined Power of Decision
  14. One or More of the Six Basic Fears
  15. Wrong Selection of a Mate in Marriage

Being aware of the things I mention and can help you plan your entrepreneur journey and where you want to go. The journey will not be easy, but it will be well worth it.



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