Are You Thinking About Network Marketing? Are You In Network Marketing?

Today, we are starting a new blog series. For the next ten days, I will be discussing things from the book: Your First Year In Network Marketing by Mark Yarnell and Rene Reid Yarnell. If you are just starting in Network Marketing, you need to have this book in your possession. When I first started Network Marketing, I wish I would have read this book.

The Network Marketing industry started in the 1940a where Nutrilite Products, Inc. launched food supplement products. Then, came Amway with their household products. For seventy-seven years, the Network Marketing Industry has been around and over the last fifty years, this industry has grown into a legitimate and efficient channel of distribution that is suited for the next wave that is breaking the world of business.

People often join a Network Marketing Company to increase and build their self-confidence, widen their circle of friends, and feel like they are being more productive. People invest a small sum of cash to go through sheer tenacity and determination, and rise to staggering levels of financial reward and personal freedom. Network Marketing help people start their own business without dealing with the hassle or pitfalls of a traditional business: payroll, employee benefit costs, advertising, overhead, bookkeeping, and accounts receivable. These things do not have to be kept in Network Marketing.

In this industry, you can either succeed or fail. Most people fail because they quit normally after the first year or the first year and a half. If you make it pass the first year/year and half, you will succeed in this industry. Ninety-five percent of people who join Network Marketing will become wealthy if they survive ten years and I have three more years to go before I hit my ten anniversary in Network Marketing.

Network Marketing is based on word of mouth recommendations of the company’s products and services. Distribution moves directly from the producer to the consumers, which cuts out all the intermediate agents and dealers who have nothing to do with production or consumption. When the goods are distributed, the network marketer receives the compensation equal to the advertising budget of the large corporations.

To become great in Network Marketing, you first have to be lousy in Network Marketing. Being in Network Marketing is a growing process, nothing happens overnight. Many people get frustrated because things are not going as fast as they want in this industry. In this industry, you move up and succeed by working hard and not giving up when things get rough.

I love this industry, it has help me become the person I am today and help me step out of my shell. I hope when I share over the next ten day will open your eyes and want to try the Network Marketing Industry.



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