Rejection Happens

The Network Marketing industry is one of the most rewarding industry in the world, but like everything else it does have its challenges. In this industry, we come upon a lot of rejections: rejection from a spouse and rejection from family and friends. Once you can overcome rejections with confident and ease, you will be able to succeed in Network Marketing.

When people first start Network Marketing, the first person they normally get rejected by is the spouse. That rejection normally happens because the person doesn’t understand how the industry works and thinks it’s a waste of time. For an example, let’s talk about a man named Bob and Bob was invited to a Network Marketing opportunity. As Bob was listening to the information, he was becoming interesting and everything was making sense. As the second half of the opportunity meeting started, Bob had already made a mental list of people who would make awesome prospects. Bob has two outcomes as he presented this opportunity to his prospects. The first outcome can be he can get his first signups and start to grow his business. The second outcome could be he will not get not prospects and give up before he gets started. Many people deal with the second outcome more than the first outcome and that why many people quit and say Network Marketing does not work. Bob thought this was a great opportunity so he signedd up as a distributor. Bob, then, went home and shared the news with his wife. Bob’s wife was interesting in hearing about the opportunity and why Bob signed up. Bob’s wife is like a lot of people; they do not think that Network Marketing works and talks negative to the person that decided to join the industry.

Bob, then, was rejected by his friends due to the opportunity. He starting calling and messaging his friends to let them about his new opportunity. Bob was equipped with knowledge and he picked up the phone, called twenty-five of his best prospects. These prospects was the people he loved, grew up with, and people who he wanted to do this business with. Calling up his prospects, Bob has three outcomes that can happen.

The first outcome is winning the battle. Bob calls up a friend, Steve, who he has known since high school because they had a warm friendship. After talking for awhile, Bob started to see that his friend was not the right prospect for the opportunity at time. So, Bob started to see that he need to wait until 6-month later to contact his friend again.

The second outcome is the positive negative. As soon as Bob mentions his intentions, Steve aggressively interrupted Bob saying how much he hates dealing with friends in business, detested the MLM Industry, and any other home business pyramid. In this outcome, the prospect will change the topic back to small talk, something that has nothing to do with the opportunity.

The third outcome is the good ol’ boy. The third outcome is what the majority of network marketers deal with. In this outcome, Bob shares the opportunity with Steve and because Steve is a friend and has know Bob since high school he is willing to hear him out. Under this outcome, some will join, some will not. Once, you get used to the outcome, you will love it more.

In this industry, you will get rejected a lot but do not take it personal. It has nothing to do with you; it has to do with the industry or the opportunity. Personal rejection is the hardest thing to do with but if you are taught how to deal with it at the beginning, it will get easier and will not bother you as much.

The truth is that the success in Network Marketing does not result from extensive management. Success in this industry comes from a person who has leadership skills and a person who has the vision, the enthusiasm, and the willingness to recruit other people who can be leaders. Once you recruit leaders, then show your leaders the process. In this business, everybody has the ability to do awesome and great things. But for those who lean on their upline for every single thing will often fail in the future.



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