Team Building

Network Marketing is a team-building business; if anyone tells you that it’s not, does not know what they are talking about. Network means: any net like combination of filaments, lines, veins, passages, or the like. In Network Marketing, we do not supervisor people we bring on our team. This is why most people do not make it through Network Marketing because they have an employee mindset and not an entrepreneur mindset. If you a caretaker of your team will have your new business partners spend a lot of time on building a particular leg in their own organization. Caretaking in Network Marketing creates false codependency, which means you are doing for your partners instead of teaching and encouraging them to do things for themselves.

In Network Marketing, we cal this the management trap. The management trap create two serious problems for people who are trying to build their network marketing business. The first problem is that it produces a weak and lethargic distributors because others are doing the work from them. The second problem is while you are managing others, you can lose valuable time that could be invested in prospecting and recruiting top leaders for your organization. Supporting your organization or team is part of a team approach in network marketing; it involves responding to legitimate requests on the part of any or all your business partners to help close a serious prospect or give encouragement when feeling down.

The Messiah Complex is another thing in Network Marketing. The Messiah Complex is similar to the management trap. People in Network Marketing sometimes try to save everyone to make them stay in the business. Even though, Network Marketing is an amazing business model, everyone is not built for it. Everyone can succeed in this business, but for some their mindset will not let them and they do not have the support around them. Teach the people how to view the end result, instead of focusing on the process. When we teach our fellow business owners how to focus on the end result instead of the process, they are more likely to stick around and tough it out.

A common misconception in this industry leads people down into the administration pit. The misconception in this industry is that you can sponsor 4 or 5 people and become a 6 figure-earner in a way that can be true for about five percent of Network Marketing. The other ninety-five percent should keep recruiting even after they get their six-figure income. You will not be able to achieve a huge income if you think that your warm market is going to support you. Many people in your warm market do not believe that network marketing works, but it’s not their fault it’s their mindset.

Most people fall into the entrapment of administration because they focus on the numbers. Network Marketing is not a numbers game; it’s a duplication game. If you are a leader, make things easy so your team can follow. Many people try to create leaders, but you cannot create leaders; they have to be found. You can find leaders, just seek them out. New business owners are the lifeblood of any network marketing business.

Many leaders make the mistake of babysitting their downline. You should not have to babysit your downline. People that comes in network marketing should be here because they want a different way of life. Babysitting your downline is not growing to help you grow your team or income. Find people who are like you and want what you and will do anything to get it. If you stop building your front line of your organization before you have a solid income, you are likely to fail. Full-time network marketers recruit consistently for two to three years before they can slow down.

Managing an organization is a time-wasting practice that does for others what they should be doing for themselves, or it creates codependency. Managing our organization can often cause the people we love to fail. Support the members of your group means you are there for guidance, moral support, and to help them talk to serious prospects. Be happy when you have new business partners that finish their training and build their business without calling you for every little thing; they have taken their own destiny into their own hands.



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